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Office & Home Ups EX1244

Office & Home Ups EX1244


2 x PC OR 4 x Fan & 4 x Light(24W)

Advanced Features:

  • Microprocessor based True Digital Design
  • Ultra Fast Current Regulated Charging System
  • 100V-260V AC Input Range for Charging
  • PWM Controlled Output Voltage
  • Fully Automated, Simple Operation
  • MOSFET based High Efficiency System
  • Electronic Short Circuit Protection
  • Electronic Over Load Protection
  • Battery Over Charge Protection
  • Battery Low Alarm & Shutdown
  • Cold Start (without AC input) enabled
  • Spike / EMI Filtration
  • 13 Month Comprehensive Warranty
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Digitech Ultra Series UPS can operate as a fully automated uninterruptible power supply (inverter + charger) or as a fully automated battery charger, depending on the user requirement. Follow steps 1 to 4 for charger only mode of operation, whereas steps 1 to 7 for complete ups mode of operation:

  1. Connect DC input lead of UPS to battery. Short beep will be heard.
  2. Connect load wires to AC Output socket located at back panel of the UPS.
  3. Connect AC Mains Input lead of UPS to Mains AC outlet (isolated from the load).
  4. Turn on Mains AC input supply. Mains and Charger indications located at front panel of UPS will light up. Charging will start and power (from Mains Input supply) will be provided to the load. To turn off the UPS, simply turn off the Mains AC input supply.
  5. Keep AC Input Range Selector (located at back panel of the UPS) at Narrow position for computer and other sensitive load, while at wide position for non-sensitive load.
  6. Press and hold (for 2 sec) on/off switch located at front panel of the UPS. Battery level indications and selected Mode indications will light up. AC output voltage will be displayed on digital meter located at front panel of the UPS.
  7. To turn off the UPS Press and hold (for 2 sec) on/off switch (not required if UPS is already operating in charger only mode). Battery level indications and AC Output Voltages display will turn off. Now turn off Main AC input supply.